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Bought one tablet from them in Nov. It's now Feb and nothing yet. On paypal, I passed the 45days mark, so I can't get my $ back unless they refund :(. First they missed shipping my order for 4 weeks. Then I got two tracking #'s from them now, and they it's suppose to work on Both doesn't work. Definitely will NOT buy again. AVOID!!!
Why is this site rated green?? absolutely ridiculous!
I've bought from them on 2 separate occasions and have had to deal with support with some questions.. All product came on time for both deliveries and support staff was very helpful. As far as ordering product from China, some things are out of their control so it's important to make sure what you are looking for is either in stock or on it's way and passed thru customs.. Also, in reference to the other commenter about his product not shipping. Chinese products come and go quickly, if you ordered the wrong thing, it could cost in the months of time waiting. talk to support before you make purchase. If they product is in stock it's always shipped within 3 days from my experience. Will most def buy again.
Well they did prove me wrong, after my package that I returned got lost in the mail due to my error in the shipping address, they did replace my item for free for another one and save me trouble with my daughter at it was her birthday Gift. It did not all go smoothly, but at the end they did come up correct and I felt like they really care which is great for a chinese operation,
jasperjkaneFri Jan 16 1970
Customer Care 3:58 AM (1 hour ago) to me Hi Jasper, I have read the whole conversation you had with Crystal and I have spoken to her she did not understand what you meant. You have dealt with us before and you know how we value our customers and like to provide service, be fair and give us the chance to gain back your confidence. Let me know if you still want the watch and ill arrange to get this out on top of refunding the money for the watch and 23$ please advise Please accept our sincere apologies Jay Merimobiles Service Team Manager Customer Care 4:27 AM (39 minutes ago) to me Hi this is to inform you that I have refunded you the 23$ here is the confirmation code. 2012-12-07 05:18:49 CREDIT 23.00 ########### Y:RETURN:1a6eb76:::NNN Let me know if you have received my last email regarding the order issue and the conversatoin you had with Crystal thank you Jay jesus christ <> 4:44 AM (22 minutes ago) to Customer yes that would be very kind of you, i see that you have already refunded me while as i was typing this email, thank you for sending the watch on top of it. to be honest i was shocked when this happen i stated buying from you a few websites updates ago before you had a legit looking site, so i did alot of research into merimobiles and found that your customer care seemed top-notch and that most complaints where unfounded, i will make sure right now to go and post these latest emails, which will present merimobiles in a very good way. thank you and good day
yevgeniy.zateychukFri Jan 16 1970
I'd like to share my experience with I ordered Witstech A81G tablet +accessories in May 2011 and paid $208,99 for it. In July 2011 I've got the tablet: I wasn't happy with the condition (it was looking like item from show case) and some accessories were missed (but this is not a main problem...). A few months after I received the item I was busy with my own stuff and coudn't even test it. I started test the item in december 2011. After serveral days of using: firstly, a wifi has stopped working, then touchscreen stopped responded to touches. I mailed tablet to Merimobiles as they requested (I've spent additional $30). During May - December 2012 we've communicated with I asked Merimobiles to fix and send me the original tablet or refund. Merimobiles couple of times said that they fixed the item and sent back to me, but that was wrong information. Merimobiles said that they couldn't refund or can't fix the original tablet neither. Merimobiles asked whether I'd accept other models as a replacement. I answered - yes, but they asked me to pay more (full price with small discount), even the replacement model was cheaper than I've paid. So we could not agree. I asked couple of times Merimobiles about their warrenty duties. They've just ignored my questions. To sum up, what I haven't saw: - any intent to help and respond to their warrenty duties from Merimobiles. - any try to refund or offer me to other model with good discount. What I saw: - wrong information about fix and sending device to me. - try to sell me more (why I should buy more?). At the end of the day, after more then half of year Merimobiles haven't fixed and haven't sent me the tablet or haven't refund my order. I hope that story would help to choose right seller. Following is our email thread: 4-Jul-11 Me: "A few hour ago I've received my order #13641. The item has many scratches in the front. Besides item has no screen protective film. There're visible wipe trace on the screen. I'm attaching the zip archive that contained photos of the item. Can you please specify whether the item (or screen) was used? I'm not satisfied with the item condtion (it supposed to be new). What are my option - return or compensation? " 4-Jul-11 Merimobiles: "you did not read the product description thourougly: it reads: *imporant* **When you get the Witstech Device you might believe that there is scratches on the front cover, but there is none, there is a Very Thin FILM (plastic) installed at the factory to prevent it from any scratches or damage during handling, Remove it.. And you will see there is no scratches** From the picture you sent I can see the thin film of plastic is applied on the unit, remove it and you will see there is no scratches We only sell new units directly from the factory, yes we do test it before shipping it out to ensure its works properly and avoid DOA units " 26-Dec-11 Me: "After serveral days of using the touchscreen is not working at all. Would you please provide any suggestions/recommendastions to solve the problem." 28-Dec-11 Merimobiles: "What do you mean by does not work, does it freeze up or not turning on. Does the charger still works." 28-Dec-11 Me: "The touchscreen display the picture, but it doesn't respond to touches. The charger still works." 30-Dec-11 Merimobiles: "please send it in for repairs send the unit only no accessories, ship it via regular mail, i have attached the return form" 3-Jan-12 Me: "Thanks for the instruction. May I ask who will cover the mailing expenses? It costs about 100 USD from my side. I am not ready to spend such amount more for the device. Please advice" 8-Jan-12 Merimobiles: ship it by regular mail it will be alot cheaper than that, we have alot of customers in russia there are cheaper mailing services, you have to pay to send it to us and we pay to send it back to you 17-Mar-12 Me: "Please find attached the scan of return form. I'll be travelling in china in few days and I'll send the item via the china mail" 17-Mar-12 Merimobiles: thank you , once we receive the item we will inform you via email 12-Apr-12 Me: Have you received the item? I've sent it 10 days ago 26-Apr-12 Me: Does anybody checking this email address? 26-Apr-12 Merimobiles: No sir. we didnt receive your product yet. We will let you know when we receive it. Dont worry 7-May-12 Merimobiles: we got your returned package. it will take about 1-3weeks to fix and reship. the new tracking number will update by email after ship 7-May-12 Me: Thanks very much for letting me know 6-Jun-12 Me: It's been over than 3 weeks since you received the returned item. Have you manage to fix and reship it? Can you please provide the new tracking number 7-Jun-12 Merimobiles: "we have sent to you on may 31,and the tracking number is:RA426769193CN. wish you get it soon." 22-Jun-12 Me: "Thanks for the information. I checked the tracking of RA426769193CN on and found that the latest status ""Доставлено адресату"" (that means ""delivered to receiver"") as of June 19 in ""Москва 33"" (Moscow). I still haven't got the item. Besides I am located in Nizhniy Novgorod (you can see my address in my initial order information). Any advice/comments from your side would be appreciated." 25-Jun-12 Merimobiles: "sorry,maybe we sent the wrong information,and i checked with factory,it cannot being repaired because of its discontinued,and now we only have resistive one,is it OK? please advise." 25-Jun-12 Me: "It sounds disappointed. So I bought this item for $208,99 (at the time when the newest model outcomed for the same price) at your shop. Because of it quality problems I haven't had a chance to use it. Besides I spent additional $30 to send it back to you. And finally you couldn’t make it works. I believe at this point I deserve full refund from your side. Or I can consider another option - you can me send the replacement current working product (at the same price level) to me. For instance, product ""Newsmy S7 Dual Core 9.7 inch IPS 1024x768 Multitouch with Android 4.0 8GB 1080P HDMI"" seems appropriate (current listed price is $204.99). ( " 28-Jun-12 Merimobiles: sorry for this issue,we have sent your device to the factory,and then tell you status after we get some news. 28-Jun-12 Me: "(June 28) ""sorry for this issue,we have sent your device to the factory,and then tell you status after we get some news."" (June 25) "" i checked with factory,it cannot being repaired because of its discontinued"" Can you please clarify CLEARLY what is REALLY happening?" 28-Jun-12 Merimobiles: sorry to misunderstanding you,yes,this one is discontinued,so the factory that sold this devices cannot repair,and we looked for another factory can help us try to fix 7-Jul-12 Merimobiles: sorry to trouble you,so how about we send a new A91 to you(,and you only need pay $30 price difference,please advise 9-Jul-12 Me: "Yes I can accept replacement by the new item Witstech A91 android 2.3 1GHz Bluetooth 1024*600 Removable Battery 2 points Multitouch ( with GPS option. However I don't understand what $30 price difference you are talking about and why I should pay more. I've already spent $209 for the broken item + $30 (post expenses to return it to you). The new item that you offer costs about $130. The basic math and fair logic tells me that I shouldn't invest more into that. Again I ready to accept the Witstech A91 (with GPS). Moreover I think it would be fair to get leather keyboard case as your apologies for the level of your product and service. " 9-Jul-12 Merimobiles: you returned repair one,so if you want to change to a new one,of course you need to pay some money,if you didn't want to pay,we only can send the A81G to you. 10-Jul-12 Me: "Ok, I retured your item. Can you please just return me my money? The reason why I hesitate about to pay more is following: you will send me new defective item again and I'll need to pay more to return it to you and so on... I afraid at the end of the day I'll spend all my money and without any good from your site. I'm hoping you respect your customers and sustain still positive brand image around the world." 12-Jul-12 Merimobiles: sorry for this issue,we are unable to issue refunds/exchange the products beyond the 30 day time frame.and please don't worry,if we resend a repair one to you,we will ensure it can work well,you know,we also want you have a good experience on our website. 16-Jul-12 Me: "Ok I see you are unable to to issue refunds beyound the 30 days time frame as well as you are unable to repair it during the 60 days time frame (yet). All you was able to do so far is providing me a wrong information (that you repaired to sent the item to me). Do you really expect me to have a good experience or is it kind of joke? So how you're going to fix the problem? At this point I am not ready to pay more (at least I don't have something really working). Can you please also provide the contact details (names, phone numbers, emails) of your management?" 17-Jul-12 Merimobiles: sorry to make any inconvenience to you,please don't worry,we will ask other suppliers help you repair it,and then resend it to you 18-Jul-12 Me: "Ok! Can you provide dates when you'll send me repaired or replacement product? Again, can you please also provide the contact details (names, phone numbers, emails) of your management?" 19-Jul-12 Merimobiles: sorry for this issue,maybe it will take about 1-3weeks to fix and reship.and you can call this phone:1-800-2040883 23-Jul-12 Me: "What I should advice? Is that your manager phone number? What is his/her name? I am looking forward to receive working item." 24-Jul-12 Merimobiles: please call this phone:1-800-2040883,and please don't worry,we have sent your tablet to factory,so we will reship it to you quickly after we get it 16-Aug-12 Me: It's been more than 3 weeks. Have you managed to fix and reship the product? 17-Aug-12 Merimobiles: the device we will get tomorrow and test it, if everything is ok. we will ship to you. so sorry for this matter 27-Aug-12 Me: "It's been about four months since I returned the defected tabled that I bought in your shop. Have you managed to fix and reship it to me?" 29-Aug-12 Me: Can you please acknowledge an email receipt? 30-Aug-12 Me: Can you at least confirm that you're getting my messages? 30-Aug-12 Merimobiles: your tablet is on the way to you. please be patient to get it. ok? 4-Sep-12 Me: "Yes, I am patient in spite of level of your service. Can you please provide the tracking number?" 19-Sep-12 Me: Can you please provide the tracking number? 22-Sep-12 Merimobiles: Here is the tracking number:RA527223416CN 30-Oct-12 Me: "It's been over than 2 months since you stated that you've reship my item (and around 6 months since you got it). You've provided the tracking number RA527223416CN, but I coudn't find any tracking data. Can you please provide the details of where is my tablet." 31-Oct-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,let me check it with shipper first,and then tell your the status 7-Nov-12 Me: Have you manage to check the status with shipper? 14-Nov-12 Me: Can you acknowledge receipt of emails from me? 15-Nov-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,i haven't got news from the factory,and if it missing,can we send other model to you? 15-Nov-12 Me: Yes, I'd accept other model with about the same price range as I paid. Can you please list which models you can send me as a replacement. 16-Nov-12 Merimobiles: Thanks for your understanding,let me check it with product manager,and then email you again 21-Nov-12 Me: Have you manage to check the issue the with product manager? 24-Nov-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,would you like to purchase a new one,and we can give you some discount?OK? 24-Nov-12 Me: "No I don't really want to buy new one, because I already paid for the tablet and shipping it back to you. Would you like just return me the money that I've paid?" 1-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,we are not issue refund once the device over 1 month as our return policy 1-Dec-12 Me: "Ok, please repair and return me the original device. What your policy said about timelines of your service? It's been more than half a year since you got the device. " 3-Dec-12 Me: Can you acknowledge receipt of emails from me? 6-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Thanks for your information,and sorry,as i told you before,this tablet was discontinued,so the facotry cannot find the repair parts to fix it for you,would you like to buy a new one,we can give you some discount,OK? 7-Dec-12 Me: "So you can't fix it or can't refund either? How do you respond to warranty liabilities? Please confirm. What amount of discount and for which products do you offer?" 8-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,and can you tell me which item did you want to buy,so that i can tell you the discount? 10-Dec-12 Me: "You haven't answered to my question about your warrenty duties. I can accept following modeles as a replacement: 1. Lenovo A2107 Phone Pad 7.0 inch Andord 4.0 MTK6575 1024*600 Dual-camera Bluetooth Price: $259.99 2. Lenovo A2207 Phone Pad 7.0 inch 16G Andord 4.0 MTK8377 Dual Sim Dual-core 1024*600 Dual-camera Bluetooth Black Price: $325.99 3. Lenovo Lepad A2109 Quad-Core 1280 X 800 Multitouch Screen with Android 4.0 Dual Camera Price: $298.99 Please consider that I've lost the amount of $209 (+$30 for shipping back to you). So I expect this amount as fair discount." 11-Dec-12 Merimobiles: we can give you 3% discount if you buy a new one 11-Dec-12 Me: "The 3% discount is not fair offer since it doesn't even closely cover the amount that I've paid ($209 + $30). Do you have any other offers how you can comply with warranty duties?" 13-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,we also can send you some gift,OK? 13-Dec-12 Me: If the gift would be $200 discount then I am OK. Otherwise please fulfil your warranty liabilities. 14-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,but this discount we cannot affrod,or i will check it with our manager,and then give you a solution? 14-Dec-12 Me: "Ok, please check it with your manager. Again, I expect that solution wouldn't be like offer to buy new item with small discount. Just to remind you - I already paid $209 for the item + $30 for the shipping. I hope we can find fair agreement and there's no need for me to publish this case on the internet." 15-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,so is OK we send other model tablet to you,but this is not brand new,OK? 16-Dec-12 Me: "I can consider this offer if: - you let me know what model so I can confirm; - the item is fully tested; - the item is ""like-new"" condition as I returned item to you (it even had thin film of plastic that suppose to be removed when started using). Would be great to send me pictures." 17-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Thanks for your understanding,i will send you a picture after i check and test it,ok? 17-Dec-12 Me: Ok, please do. 19-Dec-12 Me: Any updates from your side - do you have anything to offer me as a replacement? 21-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,we got one,but please let me test it first,if this one is OK,i will send you a picture,OK? 25-Dec-12 Me: Do you have any updates? 26-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry for this issue,and how about the ainol knight? 27-Dec-12 Me: "Firstly please send the specification. What about GPS? What is the item condition? " 26-Dec-12 Merimobiles: Sorry,this one hasn't GPS function,it's this one: 27-Dec-12 Me: "I expected that you'd offer tablet with GPS (I ordered tablet with GPS and paid for this option). Moreover the current new Ainol's price is $89.99. Considering that tablet is refurbished (not new) and I paid $209+$30, I think this is not fair offer." 30-Dec-12 Me: Do you have any other offers? 4-Jan-13 Merimobiles: The GPS tablet maybe need you pay some price difference,OK? 4-Jan-13 Me: "Let me remind you that I already paid for this option. Ok if a tablet that you'd offer is more expensive than $209 (amount that I've paid already)."
ahmed.elrefaieSat Jan 17 1970
I have purchased SAM note 4 from them BY DHL and they insists to send by EMS even I pay for DHL This happened after 12 days of my order , again after more 5 days they said that the color I have choose is not available you have to pick another color I have forced to accept that , also they email me a fake tracking number and I have tracked it for many days but no result after I have ask them again for the tracking number they gave me another tracking number!!!!! I have made this order on 24-11-2015 till now 15-1-2015 I have not received my phone .. What can I Do , Again Dont by any thing from merimobiles the Manipulating seller
I used to buy otems from this site, and it's a very good seller. As I cannot give comment from, so I just advise other users to STAY AWAY form GEARBEST.COM, gearbest is a dangerous scam, they stop bad and real reviews in different sites
Got a LeTV x800 from this shop , with some accessories. First thing: I choose to shipped it by DHL, but after 3 days, they said me that's not possible. I live in Brazil, and they keeping trying to make me send it by NL Post. I have a Ship To address, and sent to them to try to make the thing happen. After some conversations by email ( Customer Support only answers after 2 or 3 days ), no deal. I got pissed off, and ask for a refund. Again, until now , no conclusion. Now, after 15 days, I don't have the phone and they have my money. Already contact PayPal and open a dispute! Avoid them!

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