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One of the best links blogs on the web.
Very useful site
A community weblog which allows users to share links and discuss interesting websites/topics. Moderation is done through editors as well as peer pressure in order to prevent gaming.
Good site, links to "best of the web", including a large number of arts and history links. Some political threads, the community leans markedly to the left.
Good Site
A REAL online community, with people helping each other day to day IRL and having RL get togethers. Great people and great conversations.
very useful and you can trust them.
Occasionally not safe for work or children. But a great site overall with an active and respectful community.
JanetParkerFri Jan 16 1970
Content: Useful - Provides links to high-quality sites. Excellent discussion about each site. The community really comes together during disasters to share information essential to people in the affected area. Community: Excellent - The members are generally well-educated, well-informed, well-behaved and include scholars, scientists and professionals. Pseudoscience, medical quackery and incorrect reporting in the media are quickly exposed with informative posts by knowledgeable people. Spam (self-linking) and Inappropriate comments are immediately called out / flagged by the community and removed by moderators. Technical Safety: Safe - No banner ads. No pop-ups. Non-members will experience unintrusive ads. Members can switch to plain design (white background instead of blue) that is more appropriate for an office environment.
This is a question and answer website You can ask question and get answers from other users #questionwebsites #q&awebsites #answerwebsites

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