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Java Hosting since 1997. Tomcat 6/7, JBoss, MySQL, PostGreSQL, SQL/Server. 99.999% uptime. Professional support. Latest Java and JSP versions.

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please refer to my forum post: DNS:
Java hosting provider. Nice design with attention to safety. No trouble found. Reference:
bruce.priorSat Jan 17 1970
A tech site, not really for children but no danger either. Older kids may find useful information if they like java programming
flexwaregavFri Jan 16 1970
Been a Metawerx customer for over a Decade and am glad to remain here for the same. Currently we have over 40 businesses using our product with the MySQL DB backend hosted on Tomcat. Demands range from 24/7 access to normal business hours and we have never had complaints about speed, stability, security or service (the 4 S's). We also have a number of Servlets that operate our invoicing, sms, updates etc. without issue. Service is first class and down time has literally been neglible, to the point of not being able to remember the times we have been offline. Keep up the great work.

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