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Microsoftin tavoitteena on auttaa asiakkaitamme ja asiakasyrityksiämme kaikkialla maailmassa hyödyntämään koko potentiaaliaan.

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Many MS haters. But the truth is its a safe site. We're not rating its politics, just the site safety aspects.
ace_of_spades69Thu Jan 15 1970
it's very useful and informative
The Homepage of Microsoft. Windows is a good OS and Microsoft brings us very good software.
firefoxrocksThu Jan 15 1970
safe reliable site and an great software maker
sineintegralThu Jan 15 1970
Microsoft is a trustworthy company. This site is extremely safe. The ones with "bad customer experience" just don't like the microsoft products; in other words, they're rating it on their opinion of the quality, not the actual quality.
Universal344Thu Jan 15 1970
I know there are many MANY MANY windows haters. But, I like the site because I like to learn about windows products. I mean really, you are criticizing them for advertising on their own site. Thats all they do on Apple's site - advertise. At least Microsoft offers MSDN, knowledge base and technet. Oh,and my version of Windows Vista runs fine. Its not Microsoft's fault if you manage to get a virus.
windycitybluezThu Jan 15 1970
Why do some people hate vista? I think it's people who don't understand vista and it's many advantages over windows XP , is this site safe? that goes with out saying of course it's safe!
TrashMasterMGThu Jan 15 1970
Yes many haters...but i think that windows vista is an good os when you know how to optimize it, its better than xp.
Microsoft can clearly be trusted. Some people don't like it's products, but they obviously aren't viruses.
djaymesdrgnThu Jan 15 1970
This company seems to control the users habits, whether its their DRM system, or forcing software onto the users. Futhermore, the software they do have have severe security holes.

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