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jean claude.HarmsSat Jan 17 1970
When installed (have to stop antivirus and antimalwares or it's impossible to install) it changes the direction of the explorer and for internet explorer 11 it's impossible to uses Google search or bing search (have to reinitialise the pc ,i did it on two machine ) spy hunter found malwares and spywares . I told to mp3jam ,evidently ,they don't want to belive . And i know others poeple whit the same problem . Why does the inventer of the sofware doesn't look Inside his software ? ( sorry if my English is bad ,it's not my language )
This software downloads off sites like YouTube which is illegal yet it says it is. It also says it's free but it actually is just a trial version and makes you pay after a month.
Because you don't decline it so i trust! i haven't use it!

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