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wehaveitallThu Jan 15 1970
Although msn is a popular site, it has in all of it's programs and products many exploits, Msn messenger is often taken for spam in computer analyzers. (programs that scan your computer and draw up a report of the basic components, explaining which are safe and which aren't) Not only that, msn messenger and aim, are both unsecured, and each version, they only get worse, not only security-wise, but in other ways, such as making it more difficult to find what you need, slower connections, etc. Plus, hotmail isn't encrypted at all, allowing people to easily view your emails..
The best homepage I've used. It's simple and easy to navigate. No problems with it at all.
The website has good and well maintained content that is entertaining
very very good
hassansyedThu Jan 15 1970
MSN is always a great start to my day - excellent, nicely organized and researched on a variety of topics - great stuff
Luigi ManciniThu Jan 15 1970
my personal experience with hotmail: many years ago in July, some days before leaving for vacancies, i made my account. I NEVER used. Only looked at. When i came back 1 months after to start using in september i found 32 SPAM mails. if i NEVER used this mail, neither i Gave to someone, who's the ONLY source from spam sender could have bought my email? Hotmail itself. From this days i use hotmail like Spam-collecting first mail, and only when i'm sure that the people i'm talking to are reliables i send them a mail from my REAL work mail. I use it also for inscrpition in all browser game and websites.
swayonshayThu Jan 15 1970
Don't know what "wehaveitall" is talking about. MSN is a great site. It doesn't use SSL coneection when checking email, but no free web based email allow that. If you want SSL 3 connection, try paying for web email service, or use POP3 mail. MSN is a safe site. PERIOD.
mlgiordanoThu Jan 15 1970
homepage for all of our home pc's
It works even on a mac
wander-fullThu Jan 15 1970
utilíssimo!!! acesso-o todos os dias

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