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These guys do one thing great. They work you , try to figure out your level of knowledge, and then they try to sell you support. They are not dell, don't be faked out.
Word of Warning! Scam! do not trust or give your info to them.
This site scams people into thinking that it can provide phone support, going so far to ask people for account passwords that they do not need. This is a scam operation to steal accounts and money. Do not fall into it. Interesting that the domain administrator organization is "ConsumerSoft", one of the usernames that gave this site such a glowing review. (Much later), I do a Web search for "bogus tech support calls", and this site pops up top of the list. I see that Google did something right for a change - really not, but it's the thought that counts. SCAM!
This site is a scam that tries to sell you support.
tech support scam don't call them
i_am_from_the_futureSat Jan 17 1970
Performed a Google search to access MS support for Office 2013 and observed this domain listed as the 1st Ad result above the real, non-ad results. So now I just have to rate and comment about this online scam. For anyone new to computer security and maintenance or using search engines to acquire computer related info, this is for you. The only helpful and valuable comments listed on this scorecard are the ones displaying a bold, red 'I DON'T TRUST' icon. It is strongly recommended that you avoid '' and the fee-based services they claim to provide. Google sells search result placement listings at very profitable prices and therefore disregards the security of your computer; which contains PII (Personally Identifiable Information). A top listed search result does not always indicate it is the best and most reliable. The other comments that should be ignored are the ones displaying a bold, green 'I TRUST' icon. One of these comments was identified as being posted by a WOT user that has the same username as the operating business name of ''. The remaining frivolous comments seem to be from inexperienced users providing good WOT ratings for similar computer support domains untrusted by the majority of credible WOT users.
thetechguy456Sun Jan 18 1970
Typical tech support scam. They don't know anything about computers. I've let them into my virtual machine, which was a fresh install, and they were going to charge me 249 dollars just to purge my temp files which are something that I can do myself lol. Stay away from this site.
consumersoftThu Jan 15 1970
My Phone Support provides expert IT tech support over the phone and via remote access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
BrianCotterThu Jan 15 1970
I used this service to tune up my laptop, and they found/removed some viruses....I then had them do the same for my mother, 3000 miles away. They installed this toolbar to help protect my web surfing, and it's been helpful on more than one the way, I've used remote tech support before, and like it in general, but I really liked that they have a money back guarantee....anyway, as I try to do when receiving excellent service, I'm giving them a little plug here. You can trust I'm doing my part to help more people use WOT ;-)

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