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Watch the ads around your account. One wrong click and you could get hacked. Be careful w/ your buddies too. If they get hacked they could send out messages to people they know and get you hacked as well. Be safe. Only use apps you trust. And only talk to people you know.
Not a website for children
if used correctly mysapce can be a good thing but you really need to watch your kids on here. people on myspace are not always who they say there are
Alot of accounts aren't actually people. They are just bots with links to viruses and trojans. Only add people you know.
djaymesdrgnThu Jan 15 1970
Site has malicious content that has been tied with 180solutions and other malware. Furthermore, users have posted malicious codes into their pages.
Maya_LysanderThu Jan 15 1970
Huge privacy leak concerns, as well as very legitimate concerns with the site being a medium for cyberstalking.
Too many ads; adult-ish content; major privacy issues, but again, use COMMON SENSE when posting stuff on the site!!! In all, fair.
dolphinluver22000Thu Jan 15 1970
It needs improvement. It is decent but could use improvement. Parents with 13 year olds, BAN them from this site!
this is a very dangerous site for children, children can pose as older and attract child predators
Myspace needs to control the popups and ads on there site.

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