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Truth about Web of Trust and how it is a scam, fraud, abused, and censoring the web.

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I agree with most comments on here or other places that this site is highly controversial but your all ratings will ALSO be misleading to others very much. Besides "Trustworthiness", the rest items for rating is nothing to do with its contents, but you all downvote for the reason of ** angry **, right? It's absolutely unfair.
The author makes quite a rant, but it's a fair point: why has the site been marked down for "Vendor reliability" and privacy? I don't see any issues there. There may be a problem with trustworthiness, but I can't see anything that would make it particularly unsafe for children either.
This is based on a flame war.
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
This is obviously based on ignorance.
Safe to surf, but the website makes misguided criticisms towards WOT based on assumptions that simply aren't true.
Although I don't agree with the information on the site, I can't see any reason for all the negative ratings. Which in a way enforces the point being made on the site. Anyone know why the site got such a low rating? I don't see any spyware, malware, adult content. Not sure how trustworthy the site is but I don't see it trying to scrape anything either. Hmmm. Oh well.
This specific site doesn' represent any menace for childs and for privacy concerns. I find it just simply informative about a dispute going on. But the incomprensible negative rating speaks by itself. Anyway I don't want to see this site baddly rated, only because it says something against Wot itself. I don' believe there are such censorship on WOT and hope that is not the case.. Censorship is a double-edged sword. It twrows the most negative opinions against the censor. It seems that if someone don't know the history, then history has to repeat itself again. Censorship is not the right way to reply to any criticism, and will not be the effective way to counterfront any voice against in every corner of the world. If in Wot or Wot people there are censors and they take this way on, they don't get the right way for their own sake and of Wot itself. Please come back again to the way of trasparency, and do reply to any criticism clearly and firmly, if you have reasons to show. Make clear to all people about all the things of what Wot are so accused, and please do restore any posts eventually removed for censorship from your forums, carefully replying to them point to point. Critism, in the democratic world, is now a value, and not a menace no more. The critics of others are a bright light that let us to know things of us of what we are not aware about. These could lead to some pain, but more pain more truth. I don' agree with deviant usage of ratings to make censorship actions against persons and sites that do legitimate criticism against some Wot behaviours. Please retake the discussion at a civil level and lower down all the weapons, it's your responsability to cease the hostilities and reopen the talking about all of this. Remember that any man (or organization) of honour must finally be able to admit his or hes faults, if any. If it dares no to do this, it could not be trusted anymore. If one dare to admit his/her errors, it could be growing more adult and more responsible in front of the others, and be trusted again. If one tries to mislead or hide his faults, then in a moment all could be lost forever. Please Wot return your feet to ground if you have lost your way. Tanks
Well, WOT is nice and it is a system based on user opinions, you're right... but not 100% ... WOT does also get its information from several blacklists which actually is importat for your security/safty. Your site does not mention this part of WOT. ;) WOT is a nice and helpful Addon, but remember: You don't have to agree with the ratings on WOT... as do i with your site. (no negativ rating from me)
WOT is indeed a scam. Awaiting my ban and deletion of this comment in less than 24 hours.... like you've done to so many.
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