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Shane GowlandSat Jan 17 1970
Peddler of assorted conspiracy theories.
This site basically circulates gossip and innuendo as being "news" when it is not. There is no vetting for fact, period. This site is untrustworthy!
False information. The picture in the article actually depicts Father Gabriele Amorth who died last year ago (2016). However, the article claims that the picture is of some Father "Cesare Truqui", which is not true. It also mentions that this priest "has warned that the Catholic Church has seen a recent spike in worldwide reports of people becoming possessed by demons and that the reason for the sudden uptick is the rise in popularity of pastimes such as watching Harry Potter movies and practicing Vinyasa". However, this priest cannot warn of anything since he is already dead. is a great site, very informative and trust worthy. It has great writers who only publish content that is backed up by hard facts and authoritative sources. It is the best alternative media news site int he world in my opinion! I would recommend .
caferacerdaveSat Jan 17 1970
This is my go-to site for news. Other news sites are heavily filtered or discuss crazy conspiracy theories, but this site focuses on really interesting stuff that's really well written and based on facts.
I was attacked by just going to this web site. Malwarebytes Anti-malware blocked out bound transmission for malicious site!! BE CAREFUL!!
RobertChristianSun Jan 18 1970 found no issues whatsoever with this site.
Yet again, a bunch of leftist trying to denigrate a Conservative site. BS!!!

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