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National Vaccine Information Center is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defending the informed consent ethic in medicine.

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kill3rTcellFri Jan 16 1970
An anti-vaccine website that ignores and contradicts the science while claiming to be supported by it. Stay away if you want evidence-based vaccine information.
This is the only site to read for parents seeking the truth about Gardasil and other vaccines. All the other comments are from pharmaceutical commentors, are are lies. This site provides actual reports from parents who's children have been damaged by vaccine, it is the real true stores. The stories are accurate, the information is accurate, the quality of the information is very high, and Barbara Fisher is truthful.
Pseudoscience nonsense by conspiracy thinkers.
Extremely misleading website. Undermines public health by cherry picking data that supports its views and leaving out the overwhelming breadth of scientific data. Perhaps one of the most dangerous websites for public health and children on the web.
BlackhawkNZFri Jan 16 1970
Using pseudoscience to try to make themselves sounds like they know what they are talking about, this site is a danger to public health. They spout dangerous misinformation as though it were fact, sites such as this advise people to not vaccinate, contributing to the current re-emergence of preventable disease across the globe. Do not trust this site. If you have any questions regarding vaccination and general health, talk to your GP.
westofedenFri Jan 16 1970
Misleading or incorrect information to support the authors idea that vaccinations are bad. Speak with a real doctor rather than getting information from this site.
parents need to understand the science and not take blindly to everything doctors may say.
erikjdavisFri Jan 16 1970
Bad science + conspiracy theories = dangerous advice for parents and more illness and death for children. What's not to love?
If you aren't willing to REALLY research both sides of the argument with OPEN eyes you should not be commenting on someone's website let alone make accusations to it's trustworthiness or value, to those who do.
This website provides accurate and truthful information on vaccines and your rights in regards to vaccines. This organization has been in existence since 1982 and they are a valuable resource for all Americans.

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