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News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption

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So, who's being paid to bomb the site's reputation?
fireman015Fri Jan 16 1970
To protest peacefully at this time is a right enjoyed by Americans and Europeans. This site appears to be organising such a protest at a time when the issues of who is and who is not paying for the excesses of the finance industry is an important debate. I can see this site may not appeal to everyone but in the spirit of free speech please recognise it has a valid place on the internet.
I see no reason why this site should be rated any less trustworthy than any other site. It does not appear to have any intent to breach personal information security or any other malevolent activity. It is merely a site describing a truly American phenomenon protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, that is to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
A wonderful site to help those who are currently Occupying Wall Street. My guess is that some of the bigshots on Wall Street paid a bunch of outsourced workers to bomb this site.
I can only assume that the lower trustworthiness rating on this site is due to a campaign waged by the extremist Tea Party. I see no reason this site should be rated anything other than Trustworthy.
Tellabs5500Fri Jan 16 1970
I don't see anything that is harmful or detrimental on this site. I did not give an "excellent" rating for child safety, however. This protest is going to be an adult affair, and while children should be taught about protesting and why it is important, they should not be permitted to participate in the actual protest itself. We don't need children getting pepper-sprayed.
There's nothing wrong with this site except that it upsets the rich and the TP members who will soon be in the bread line with the rest of us. Cut the nonsense.
vegan4healthFri Jan 16 1970
Important site that empowers the people to do something about the corporate criminals STILL not arrested and put on trial for nearly SHUTTING DOWN the WORLD'S LARGEST ECONOMY. was spammed in August, 2011 When you tell the registrar ENOM about their problem, you get the same old fob-off - "we are only the registrar - complain to the hosting ISP." as if that exonerated them from assisting criminals. You can see many samples like this at the ENOM spammed domains blacklist published publicly at - when you compare ENOM with other registrars they show the worst record for support of high volume spamming. ENOM is sponsoring this illegal spamming domain operation, and accepts payments for the unlawful domain name registrations. Where Go Daddy shows corporate responsibility, ENOM shows corporate irresponsibility. And toothless ICANN accredits them, while pocketing the accreditation fees. Do you detect a stink of corruption in the air?
Die Leute, die hier den Bankern und Börsenspekulanten nicht nur in New York City auf den Pelz rücken, tun in meinen Augen etwas sehr wichtiges. Sie sorgen dafür, das das schwerreiche 1% der Bevölkerung nicht vergisst, das es seinen Reichtum von den 99% der anderen gestohlen hat. Und das es nicht einfach so weitergehen wird.

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