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Dont use this service. They dont even host their own streams, they just piggy back off all the free ones. This is the biggest scam.
SpammyScamHunterSat Jan 17 1970
Scam & Spam domain Spamvertised scam domain claiming to be a premium sports match live streaming service
Shit experience. They don't own any of the streams but they resell it as their own. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS. IT'S A SCAM.  You can watch free games elsewhere.
Site-raterSat Jan 17 1970
Pirated video scam spamvertised on WOT forums.
jasoncart1Sat Jan 17 1970
They piggyback off of other website links & most of those links have alot of pop-up ads. I payed for a subscription & ended up having to watch the match on a screen the size of a postcard as it wouldnt go fullscreen & the quality of the picture was awful. Dont use this site
This is yet another online streaming site that spams forums (WOT, etc,). These sites mostly attempt to place a stealth charge on the unsuspecting mark's credit card by charging to cancel a "free" trial subscription or by automatically charging for a subscription to content that they are not licensed to manage. Needless to say, these guys are crooks.
destinationtruthSat Jan 17 1970
Spamming the wot forum. User:
scammers - money for nothing they won't refund unless it is over $10 and the intro is $4.95
huckleberrypieSat Jan 17 1970
Yet another one of them rogue streaming sites, this time claiming to offer free coverage for sports events such as collegiate football matches and of course the NFL. Links to it are spammed through spambot-generated subreddits and similarly-constructed splogs, possibly for affiliates to generate revenue.
Found on a list of potentially illegal fake sports streaming scam sites.

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