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rrittner@hotmail.comSat Jan 17 1970
they seem to have more accurate info than their competition.
provides good information about phone numbers listed
Richard821Sat Jan 17 1970
Called at approx. 10:30pm and then hung up, after multiple suspicious calls like this one. Another website this number traced to noted an installation of software attempted when I went there. Anti-virus software stopped this and made me leave the website.
Safe site; but: According to the bottom, left of the home page, it is run by SafeCaller, Inc. According to the bottom, left of the / SafeCaller Inc home page, it's run by OkCaller, Inc (very bottom of page, phone number contact 2154887711) (hidden owner for 2154887711) Proxy hidden registrant owner: According to / terms of service, the ownership is governed by the State of Washington. (No listing for okcaller or safecaller within the State of Washington) (DNS contact is Amazon).
I find the site to have useful information on spam calls (whether they are marked as safe or not). Why the negatives; so far no problems with this site.
Very reputable site for checking the validity of (un)known callers phone numbers. Suggest users ENABLE Ad Blocking in their browser before visiting site to avoid being tracked & eliminate all the advertising on the site.
ScreamingMonkeySat Jan 17 1970
I've used this site a few times to check on unknown calls. It seems to be one of the few sites of this type that don't jerk you around by teasing you with info, just to have you sign-up for their service. Instead, people can leave comments on their own experiences with receiving phone calls from various numbers. I do use an ad-blocker, and my Firefox is defaulted to "Allow for Session" cookies only, so I haven't had any problems and my anti-virus & firewall software has never given me an alert from this site.
Tellabs5500Sat Jan 17 1970
Just another "who called me" service. Nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary. Just make sure you have your ad blocker enabled.
Tanor_FauxSun Jan 18 1970
This site is very helpful in seeing if a number is safe or not. Better than Whitepages as well.
The site is a primarily a clickbait site to try to draw you in and purchase services and display ads. However, as of today (8/22/2018) they now prohibit the use of defensive software such as AdBlock plus (which should be considered part of "defense in depth" of any user) if you have it installed when you visit the site, claiming it is against their "terms of service". When you read their terms of service, no such term is found, but what is found is that they explicitly state that they do not vet and will not be held accountable for any malware or links on their site, even if they have been informed of them. Then, looking further, there is no phone number or address anywhere on the site saying where they are located or under what lawful jurisdiction they operate. They may have once been legitimate, but no longer.

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