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jan.monsenSun Jan 18 1970
This is an infestation, not a website. This is virus doing its best to make itself look like a good idea to use on ones computer. Ok guys, I KNOW...its tempting, free software and all of that, and ofc i understand that we all "need" it. But this is not worth it, you will get much more than just a free program. Consider this: Why would anyone spend their days cracking software just to give it away for free? Do you know anyone that works for free just to make strangers happy? Unless you are referring to a Christian salvation army type person there are not to many others that will do that. Especially not any of the people cracking software are that type of person, they are doing it because it is profitable one way or another, and you, are their mark, their fish, and they do their very best to get you to bite. Please, dont. Also consider this: Honest hardworking people are spending their work lives creating this software... honest hardworking people, lets not screw them as a thanks for the great software they created? If you followed me this far, Im confident you are awake and mature enough to actually do the right thing even if no one "sees" you. Because you will know, every time you look into the mirror, you know what type of person you are (and potentially can become as well), and your not a hobby criminal screwing others just to save a few pounds, remember there are available software for free, and that is free software that equals programs like office and Photoshop. Just some advice. I know most of you wouldn't even dream of it, so Im writing the few that still hasn't really grasped what free software really is: spitting in the face of those that actually did create it., and to become a volunteer to let others use your computer as they want to through that very cracked software used on it. Im not pretending to be better than anyone, but I do think its time we started helping make the web better and safer for everyone, kids especially. I hope this reaches at least one, that would mean it was not such a bad idea to write this after all. Cheers.
johnsmith342Mon Jan 19 1970
Thanks for sharing the great content.

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