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The Open University offers flexible part-time study, supported distance and open learning for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and qualifications.

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I've been studying with the OU for 2 years now( a bit of everything maths, science and finance), and it has exceeded my expectations of what to expect from Distance learning. The library services are unbeatable(free access to pretty much all things academic online e.g science journals and encyclopaedia Britannica) and the courses are up to date and pretty enjoyable, so long as you don't leave it to the last minute. A good alternative to normal university, especially for those with responsibilities and a full time job.
William1979Thu Jan 15 1970
Great site for higher education.
uncle elliotSat Jan 17 1970
I have been using this site for 5 years and found it very helpful and informative. Trust content 100%
Really good site, best way to check if the password is secure enough. Glad I've found this(came from I was referring to this website directory:

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