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A place for conservative Oregonians to gather and share news, commentary, and gossip. Oregon's idea braintrust.

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Don't see anything bad here. Could be a liberal/socialist rating it bad for political reasons. Will update if malware found.
SoPhillyFredFri Jan 16 1970
Oregon politics. Obviously not appealing to people with divisive political views.
I get a lot of informantion for this site that is not covered by Oregon's (Portlant/Corvallis/Eugene) Letf Wing News Organizations
Unknown3rdPartySat Jan 17 1970
There's nothing "negative" about this site except that it contradicts the liberal tripe that the lamestream media tries to pass off as news.
An information site on Oregon political issues.
mattlistroSat Jan 17 1970
I can't find anything wrong with it.
Once again WOT is found to be used as a bully pulpit by someone who does not share the political views shared on this site.I was able to find the exact information I was looking for along with an insightful commentary on the topic.
The security scans all came up clean. Also, the content had some pleasant surprises. In recent years right-wing sites have tended to be all ideology and guilty of making things up. Perhaps because it comes from a blue state appeared to be more grounded in the real world. It was better done and more intelligent than most in it's class. The only thing that earned it one drop was the continued worship of fossil fuels.
This is essentially a conservative Oregon political information site that is being maligned by liberals because they don't want the truth or both sides of opinions being discussed.

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