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CsstayawayThu Jan 15 1970 has some great stuff for great prices. However, that does not excuse the tracking cookies they put on my computer. Every other ad that popped up after I left that site was exactly what I had been searching for with the links to purchase it. On google, on facebook,, XKCD, Digg, you name it. All the ads were from I trust them as an online store, so I will be purchasing what I need from them, but do beware and scan your computer after visiting.
Seattle JohnThu Jan 15 1970
I get WAY too much mail from them !
Love this company, great website, amazing deals.
For years, and after repeated warnings, they put hentai (cartoon porn) in with all the other cartoon/anime selections, with no blurring of the cover images or anything. It is not a site children should be left to explore alone, unless you want to have to answer a lot of questions about tentacles.
Some vendors are questionable.
brainfodderThu Jan 15 1970
I've had zero issues with Overstock, in fact, their shipping is sometimes faster than expected. I put this up there with Amazon and newegg.
ShannaBethThu Jan 15 1970
We tried two different times to place an order and each time the order process failed. When we contacted customer service via online chat, we were told that it wasn't their fault and we would just have to start over. I explained that we were new shoppers with them, but all I got was the suggestion to start over.
you can find great deals here. and it beats going to the malls
I have never had an issue, love the site, the shipping is great been using them for about 2 years with not problems.
sosorororo1Thu Jan 15 1970
Excellent Site Navigation. I purchased mattresses and a sofa and I am completely satisfied. The User Reviews are great. Both items I purchased were 5 star rated. You can't beat $2.95 shipping on everything. My mattresses and sofa came together and is was still $2.95 shipping for both. They were brought up 2 flights of stairs, unpacked and checked to make sure everything was in good order. Customer service is very helpful.

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