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Pandora is the music discovery service that helps you find new music based on your old and current favorites. Create custom internet radio stations, listen free.

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Nice music station. You can always find something you like.
The Pandora team are GENIUS, it really can recommend you songs based on what you like. Just type in an album / song / composer and it'll show you an endless list of songs to listen online for free, if it gets a little side-tracked, just click the cross on the song and Pandora won't play songs like it on the list again. LOVE IT. Best is there's no excess ads, no download needed and no malware.
I love Pandora. I think it is a great site. It has introduced me to lots of different music that I didn't realize existed... which I have been throughly enjoying. I give this site 2 thumbs up. Kudos to Pandora. By the way, there is a way to filter the songs that are played. Under frequently asked questions...Q: How do I enable Parental Controls to lock the explicit content filter setting with a PIN number? The site tells you how to do this. I have done it on my computer and it works!!!!
Great site that lets me listen to what I want, commercial free by the way.
Sometimes the songs on this site are NOT edited...and children can be exposed to cursing, vulgarity, etc. But I'm sure there are safegaurds that can be used.
ellior1082@comcast.netThu Jan 15 1970
love the music and listen whenever at the computer.
surf this website without any concerns.
Pandora provides a free internet radio although as others said, children should be supervised here.
Awesome! Great for entertainment. However, you could get into some pretty bad stuff with lyrics.
MachavelliThu Jan 15 1970
I love Pandora. A station does have the tendancy to repeat itself after and hour or so if it isnt modified by quick mix.

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