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This site is an affiliate scam site which attempts to have users, who have been bitten by tech support scams to download Spyhunter, which can totally boggle your machine. See:
on vacationSun Jan 18 1970
Engima affiliates are taking advantage of users affected by Tech Support Scams and offering downloads of Spyhunter as a solution. Do not download this software as it will cause more problems, not resolve them. See
Avoid this site! - it claims to be a remover of the virus from mediabak yet, like so many 'free virus removal' sites and claims, it itself is MALWARE! When doing a Google search to try to check if a certain website related to streaming films was a scam, the search results displayed included this site ( and the description underneath claimed that mediabak was a virus which infected pc's and that this site would enable anyone to remove the virus. Thankfully, my Avast Internet Security program prevented access to this site and indicated it the Infection was  URL: Mal i.e. malware.
RattleZ189Sun Jan 18 1970
Avast immediately blocked the website as soon as I entered it and classified it as URL:Malware
Birgt die Gefahr einer Infizierung durch Viren/”driveby”downloads/Trojanern/backdoor bots/Schadprogramme. !!!!!!Malicious Content!!!!!! Site carries the risk of infection with viruses/‘driveby’ downloads/Trojans/backdoor bots, rogue programs (PUP’s).
Tech support virus removal scam site. Suggest that no one use their resources.

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