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williammichaelThu Jan 15 1970
I love the images her but feel that they need to take stronger measures to ensure that the nude photos are not so easily accessible
One of the oldest and best photography sites on the web. Amazing pictures from people way better at photography than me.
DoctorWhitefaceThu Jan 15 1970
Some individuals have absolutely no clue as to who will be viewing their posts, nor do they care. The admins are very apprehensive when itcomes to removing highly objectionable material.
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Phtography community with reviews and gallery
MillHouseCapitalsThu Jan 15 1970
Good informative site
somecoolnameThu Jan 15 1970
Good site. Has nudes but all are tasteful/non erotic
long standing site, very useful for anything related to photography. anyone visiting a photographic site has to be aware that they may be confronted with nudity or other material.
HarDWood7070Fri Jan 16 1970
Bear in mind that this site is photography related ergo, images of nudity will be present. The site though is not pornographic but rather a site that provides those interested in photography right at the heart of mostly great image makers and those willing to share their knowledge.

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