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seawolf_110Thu Jan 15 1970
it is Sony site
MagicDude4EvaThu Jan 15 1970
I enjoy sony products - PS3 rocks.
SiteTeller42Thu Jan 15 1970
sony site.
Steven_PSN-14Thu Jan 15 1970
PlayStation rules!! Better than Xbox or Nintendo.
salah satu situs milik SONY
Owned and/or run by Sony, creators of many electronics-related things.
This domain is owned and operated by a trustworthy business.
PlayStation 3 самая ахуительная в мире приставка
meltjoystickFri Jan 16 1970
uhm.... i love the brand, but this site really sucks! it could be better!!
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
Official Sony Corporation owned/operated website.

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