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Safe and entertaining site, highly recommend.
Generally kid-safe, but there's no filter against music with explicit lyrics or videos (however, these happen rarely in practice). Also, like anywhere on the internet that has a forum or chat room, people speak pretty freely. In short, it's usually a family-friendly place to enjoy sharing music, but parents will want to supervise kids or orient them to the fact that they may encounter occasional coarse language. is a website where you can play songs. I think its good for gaming tho, go play and listen! #PLUGDJ
lain_iwakuraSat Jan 17 1970
Site d'écoute de musique communautaire, on choisis le style de musique, et chacun peut choisir de mettre en file d'attente la musique qu'il veut.
spacenuggetSat Jan 17 1970
Bon site de partage de musique ROCK !!
Can Dj Your Own Room And Have Swag at the same Time
SinanBoğaçhanÇAKICISat Jan 17 1970
Online video açma olduğu için çocuklar için çok uygun olmayan ama müzik dağarcığını geliştirmek için güzel bir site.
GoldSilberFri Jan 16 1970
Safe and entertaining, even for kids.
Really good site to share music!
This is an amazing site to listen to music with random people, make your own playlists, and even listen with friends! Some videos that are freely played by the users may not be child friendly. Watch where you roam.

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