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Made by athletes for athletes, Power Balance™ is a favorite among elite competitors, weekend warriors, and everyday fitness enthusiasts.

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Descarga troyano
Truffa prodotti miracolosi. Miracle product scam.
Scam. It's really horrible how this company is taking advantage of people who want so badly to have a quick fix. This site sells snake oil in the shape of a useless armband. This site and their product are, undoubtedly, Dumbo's feather.
KAugsburgerThu Jan 15 1970
This is just another 'new-age' pseudo scientific scam. The product was just forced to stop making any claims that they improve performance by the Australian government because the company couldn't produce any scientific studies that showed that the product really. See the following URL for details. The following Australian TV report may also be of interest: If you watch the video you can see the representative of the company was unable to accurately predict if a person had the holographic card in their pocket.
The product is a fraud. There is no plausible mechanism by which it could work (despite their claims of energy or vibrations). All claims of benefit are unsupported by reasonable scientific evidence other than their own poorly designed tests and on the spot sales techniques.
RulingWalnutFri Jan 16 1970
Scamming website. Goods sold do not work.
This is completely and utterly useless. There is no reason to pay $30 for a rubber band.
kent.raynerFri Jan 16 1970
This is not real. Go save your $35 to something else.
There have been many studies showing that these wristbands are totally USELESS. But the gullible will still attribute any improvement to these bands. Folks- ever hear of the placebo effect. For those that think this is effective, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. At least the bridge is real. WOT is doing it's job by helping it's members expose sites that either make outright illegals claims or imply benefits that simply are not true. There is no evidence anywhere that the IMPLIED benefits of this useless wristband does what it claims. There are many to the contrary,. Keep up the go work WOT members/users.
FreakNastyThu Jan 15 1970
Nothing is wrong with this site, it works fine. I've purchased products from them before.

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