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Removed from zeustracker block list see: - This domain was once infected by the Zeus bot or it was a Zeus bot infector. It was listed at the Zeus tracker site. It has since been removed from that list, either because it was cleaned or because the domain was suspended.
Malicious site. Might download Rogue software. Don't stay on that site, you might get more than you were looking for. Athlonite
Listed on Try to avoid.
This site may infect your computer. Blacklisted by Refer: If you find any discrepancy with my rating/comment or want me to re-review your site, just leave me a Board message:
Birgt die Gefahr einer Infizierung durch Viren/”driveby”downloads/Trojanern/backdoor bots/Schadprogramme !!!!!!Malicious Content!!!!!! Site carries the risk of infection with viruses/‘driveby’ downloads/Trojans/backdoor bots, rogue programs (PUP’s) Info:
Malicious Website / Вредоносный сайт! . See

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