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OneBigTreeSat Jan 17 1970
I did a Google search where I was looking for information about legitimate streaming sites for a particular movie and WOT ranked putlocker as trustworthy, so I clicked on the link. Almost immediately putlocker began a driveby download of software onto my PC. Fortunately Norton recognized it as malware (Trojan.Gen.2) and appears to have prevented installation of the download. The most alarming aspect to this experience is that I never gave putlocker permission to download anything to my PC, but they were able to anyway.
I hate to give a bad rating, but this is the 2nd time in a week that malware has been loaded onto my machine from this site. Most of the time, I watch movies on Putlocker that I can't find on either Netflix or my Amazon Prime account and 95% of the time, they're fine. The one I just tried to watch, on my Samsung Galaxy S5 was "The Conjuring". It's sad when a few idiots may end up ruining it for us all.
Malware galore, and if you do not know how to remove it. And sadly even though there are warnings on WOT they don't show up. It is still flagged as trust worthy. NOT TRUSTWORTHY! I did rate it as such but it is not showing up.
Druidii.DeckerSat Jan 17 1970
Don't like or trust any websites that forced me to view adds on there website. This website requires you to disable Adblocker to view videos. If this was optional it would be different but because it is mandatory for this website I don't trust it.
Jeff.FabishSat Jan 17 1970
Don't install anything from this website!
BasyaEhrmanSat Jan 17 1970
This website makes me disable AdBlock, then if I click anywhere on the page it brings me to sites that WOT gives me red warning. I had a huge scam while I was on site- a pop up that locked my browser and demanded money, pretending to be the FBI. Although the site itself may be okay, it is covered with links that are dangerous. In addition, watching and downloading movies may be illegal.
Sydykov.AybekSat Jan 17 1970
Website won't even open unless you allow javascript, that's suspicious behaviour and isn't acceptable of any web site that claims to be trusted and good. Thumb down until it is fixed.
Site attempts to redirect you to a fraudulent "Open Software Updater" upon trying to view videos.
ninjamantidSat Jan 17 1970
trys to download something called New_Player.exe or at least on the page i'm on, also it tells you to disable Adblock WHICH JUST LETS IT DOWNLOAD
broadwaybluesSat Jan 17 1970
This never displays the movie that I click on, but always wants to download a 'video player'. Yeah sure, buddy. Stay away! I don't know why this has a green light on WOT, but it doesn't deserve one. Lots of virus and malware on this site.

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