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Avast blocked malware that was attempting to infect my computer coming from this website. Not sure about how the website is for children since I don't know what the malware does.
salut_cherieSat Jan 17 1970
funny quizzes and tests, free to use
on vacationSun Jan 18 1970
Hidden registrant - allegedly from Poland, harvests data from Facebook profiles for marketing & other purposes.
Tiffany-AmberSat Jan 17 1970
funny page, safe according to
One of the Facebook "partners". These companies track you, share information about you. has been added to my hosts file.
elliecutestSun Jan 18 1970
I was playing a quiz named 'What is your french name', but as I click on an answer, a pop-up showed up. Luckily WOT blocked it though.

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