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Online sweepstakes, contests, and drawings. Complete easy surveys and polls to qualify to win free prizes. Prizes include free cars, trips, cash, and much more!

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Identity theft / credit card abuse SCAM: Gift Programs: promotions | offers | surveys | rewards | coupons Either promotes, displays, offers, tracks enter no information, attempt no transaction transactions of personally identifiable information is NOT secure Your PII is transferred to several other sites expect spam: email / telemarketing / snail mail re: DNS:
HansTheBlueFrogFri Jan 16 1970
WARNING: Sites which offer something seemingly substantial in return for very little, should always be approached with a great deal of scepticism. Stay away from sites such as this to avoid being victimized. See here:
LadyGwennaFri Jan 16 1970
I've done quite a few surveys for these people, and haven't yet had any bad experiences from visiting the site. Usually I do the surveys to get points, earn Swagbucks, or earn cash from other incentive programs to which i belong. As far as the offers you mention go, I NEVER even look at these things. They are obviously scams or Tier Schemes. NO ONE gives away anything for completing a short survey. When it comes to ANY Internet offer, the rule to follow i this: "IF IT SOUNDS TO BE GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS!" Don't waste your time, and NEVER, EVER give out Credit Card or personal information!
Never had a problem in all the years that I have been with the website.
KaffeetanteFri Jan 16 1970
Spam / Scam / Datensammler. Bei Registrierung/Datenweitergabe besteht die Gefahr von Daten-/Identitätsdiebstahl. und Kreditkartenmißbrauch. Diskussion:
P.S I have made an previous comment. in regard to the rate of this web site. I have stated that "I couldn,t rate this site if I don't know the the purpuse of it or have'nt use it before. My computer block this site and stated that his site has a bad reputation.
lostreceptFri Jan 16 1970
so far so good its just a way for me to earn some extra $. ill update you if it goes south.This is my first visit to this site.
mamacheetah22Sat Jan 17 1970
I use this site all of the time with no problem.

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