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Great site. Great virus removal guides. They even make virus removal videos showing you step by step how to remove these threats.
GabethebabeThu Jan 15 1970
Worthless site with fake banners to real software.
Fake AVs.
Solid information. They 100% helped me remove my virus from my computer for free. I have never seen any other tech site have step by step virus removal videos made for specific threats. It's a very good site.
Don't understand how this site could get bad ratings. I had a virus and had to have an assignment for uni done by the next day, and this site single-handedly saved my backside completely. Thanks guys!
Rebuttal of the negative comments Hidden Whois info: Mafia and crime organizations are behind fake security suites. Keeping a family safe from these people is important and a good reason to have private registration set. There is nothing un-ethical with having private registration. Many companies have this as an added protection to protect the domain from spammers / solicitors / and people who try to steal domain names. Everyone should pay the extra 10 dollars a year to have their domain name protected against spam and thieves. The fact that people do not do this more surprises me. Fake AVs: Notice how they could not provide any names of fake AVs. It's because there are none. This site does promote security software like, Spyware Doctor, Malwarebytes, Trend Micro. Those are all legit security clients and highly rated. Used for distribution of Rogues: Again zero proof provided. This site writes virus removal guides and even has virus removal videos. does not host any malicious software programs and in fact it's the opposite. They tell people how to remove them for free. Fake Banners to real software: I do not even know what this comment is supposed to mean. So the site has banners pointing to real software. But those banner are fake? I do not know what this guy is even referring to. Phishing: Again zero proof given. You make the claim but can't prove it because it is not true. Name just 1 single instances. You can not because there is none. Saying a site is distributing fake security software is a BIG claim. If this was really true the government would of closed the site down years ago. Google would not give this site a PR4 rating and would of de-indexed it long ago. the facts simply prove this comment wrong. I have learned long ago that Hp-hosts is very biased and will black list any site with out any proof. they simply do not like affiliate websites that promote security clients other then solely Malwarebytes. This person is a Malwarebytes Engineer so when he sees this site as a threat to him because while does promote Malwarebytes they recommend Spyware Doctor before his company. This claim can not be substantiated but I see a clear conflict of interest.
This site was one of the only ways I could get my computer to a place to even try to get the anti-virus software to work!
wilfredpaulThu Jan 15 1970
Thanks for the Phony client easy instructions. Saved me some time on this particular one.
Fantastic!!! a big big help!! Than you for helping me against "Microsoft securityessential alert" virus!!!
mikebaldwinSat Jan 17 1970
This site recommends "SpyHunter" which is Mal-ware, which has caused many people huge problems!!

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