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michaila24Thu Jan 15 1970
This site does nothing but peddle various ridiculous conspiracy theories and hate. Has quoted "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"--a document proven repeatedly to be a forgery. Frequently has articles denying the holocaust.
This site makes elaborate claims, without citing linked facts, against many groups of people, based on politics, religion, whatever e.g. against "neo-cons", "liberal" Jews, the World Health Org, then blames these groups for causing all that ails humanity. I don't question this publication's right to produce content as long as it does so legally and without fomenting strife or civil unrest (which it does not do by any means). What I DO object to is the fact that WOT accords such a fine rating (mostly "Very Good") to this website. This website does not use adult or obscene language, there are no lurid photo's displayed. It IS an extreme content site though. As such, it should not be accorded the same rating in every category as a mainstream news or blog site, as it is very different.
Jim DominicFri Jan 16 1970
Purveyor of screeds, drivel, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and propaganda, as well as anti-Semitism.
I don't know this site well at all, just happened onto it while searching the web for information on Morgellons Disease. There is a very long and extensive list of symptoms for the mysterious illness on this site. I have no idea from what sources the author derived said list, so I cannot judge credibility of the page on Morgellons, but I ABSOLUTELY agree with the majority of WOT commenters here that other areas of this site include extreme and hideous falsehoods. Some of the stuff, like the far-out conspiracy theories ("chemtrails," for instance), seems relatively benign except so far as it might mislead the impressionable and fuel the easily frightened alarmists. The rest is anti-Semitic, racist, backwards rhetoric.
Jeff Rense is a well-known conspiracy theorist and supporter of various alternative medicine with a somewhat relaxed relationship to reality. More info: and .
Rense is a conspiracy-theory nut case. Don't trust anything you read here. The only reason Google sent you to this site is because other nutcases have linked to it.
jaylapidus@yahoo.comFri Jan 16 1970
Antisemitic content.
racism, inhuman and hateful content, Holocaust denial, nazi side
Great website lots of interesting topics and political info.
Draconis0868Thu Jan 15 1970
Jeff Rense offers a variety of essential and handpicked news articles that the mainstream media hoped you would ignore.

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