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MrGoodguy69Fri Jan 16 1970
WARNING do not use this website! Privacy issues!
Identity theft / credit card abuse SCAM:Contests, giveaways, "free" products exchanges personally identifiable information with third parties for: email spam / telemarketing spam / snail mail spam enter no information, attempt no transaction re: DNS:
LadyGwennaFri Jan 16 1970
Hey Optivel and Kraftwerk, you two guys have got posts and threads up all over the site. I know you're trying to help others, but, uh, your posts are in German. I studied German in High School, but that was a hundred years ago. There's no point in posting, if other people can't read what you're saying. Hey, WOT, how about helping us out by providing English translations for this stuff!
LadyGwennaFri Jan 16 1970
What is a pii distribution scam? Are these guys selling out personal information to Spammers and Scammers?
Betreibt Datendiebstahl. Geben Sie keine persönlichen Daten ein!! Engaged in phishing for personal data. Do not enter any personal data!!
mitterertuxFri Jan 16 1970
They host surveys for third parties. Nothing dangerous as far as I can see.
Having purchased services from this company, they don't sell personally identifiable information (at least they've taken sufficient steps to prevent me as a customer from obtaining it). They run surveys and maintain consumer panels (so you sign up, tell them a lot about yourself, then take relevant surveys in exchange for rewards). Can someone confirm that they're harvesting additional data beyond what you provide them when joining a panel? If not, it seems like a perfectly respectable survey company.
It's a market research company.
The physical addresses they give sound not good. The street address for São Paulo city in Brazil direct us to a HOTEL address not an regular office.
Research Now EmployeeFri Jan 16 1970
This company is the world's largest online panel provider and is a trustworthy website. Many people around the world sign up for their online panels to participate in surveys of third party companies like Microsoft, Zalando, Amazon, etc. Answering surveys is rewarded. Nothing bad about this website. Also, this website is fully compliant with the EU cook directive.

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