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Free Download! Recover and update your computer with Driver Reviver and Registry Reviver. Easily update software, unlock new functionality and remove hardware device errors and clean, repair and optimize your registry in a few simple mouse clicks!

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Ginger1205Thu Jan 15 1970
Scam registry software.
markyates79Thu Jan 15 1970
in one advert they say that they have a 5 star user rating for Registry reviver from That product isn't even listed on there
valleyman7Fri Jan 16 1970
I have been using this product for 2 years now. It is the best program I have ever found to keep my computer clean and be able to trust that it does what it supposed to do. I have never had one bad issue yet. The web site is safe and I don't have a problem with this company. Tech support is the best. I will never buy a product a second time if they will not support their product. I notified them about WOT and they got right on it. One last thing I run this program (Registry Reviver) on three computers and the company is willing to set up my renewal up so they all come due at the same time. If you don't use this program you are striking out! Don't pay any attention to the comments on WOT just someone who is not to smart. WOT will I assure you do the right thing and change the ratings. "GOD BLESS AMERICA PLEASE" Lyle Hensley Enjoying Every Breath Retired US Army 1957 – 1978
VolksjaegerFri Jan 16 1970
This software is NOT malicious, however I do have some doubts about its usefullness and registry optimizing software in general.
Bad site, sends viruses to your computer
Installs malwares in to your pc - Be advised do not install
The_BlindedThu Jan 15 1970
EN -> Rogue software. This software tries to convince you that your pc have a lot of trouble to force you to buy. IT -> Software truffa. Questo software tenta di convincerti che hai un sacco di problemi per costringerti ad acquistarlo.
stenner153Fri Jan 16 1970
I am just starting my second year with Driver Reviver, by, I find their software to be excellent, it does everything that you need with the click of a button, with no having to unzip files etc etc. Their customer service is excellent, and at least they always get back to you, not like some organizations I could mention. I do not understand where all these nasty comments are coming from, I have had no problems with them.
mariusichaThu Jan 15 1970
guiguet.jean_lucThu Jan 15 1970
Arnaque Registry Reviver : J'ai acheté ce produit et il m'est impossible d'avoir la clé d'enregistrement. Je n'ai jamais reçu un E-Mail de confirmation de leur part. Facture : Numéro de référencement : 15641146 Date de facturation : 04/10/2010 Numéro de facturation : AKD-7368014849 Aujourd'hui le 06/10/2010 je ne peux pas utiliser ce produit en version complète.

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