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Communist propaganda website. Serves a romanian TV network dedicated to the communist party. The information is often malformed (or added lies) to advertise the greatness of the communism in romania (PSD Party) same as
E o marioneta a partidului PSD.
the webpage lures users to install a chrome PUA addon. Upon landing on the page, user gets a notification message on the top-left side saying that the browser is missing important addons. This message scares/lures user to think that some kind of important addon ( eg flash/java etc ) needs to be installed but upon clicking on the message a coupon saving addon gets installed. The notification/ installation are very agressive.
A questionable Media outlet. It's a relatively new player in Romania and it's content is based on scandals and manipulation.
This website provide videos with human atrocity, whith no age verification and bolding description words like "execution, decapitation".
adel.nowrtSat Jan 17 1970
very goos streaming but not all the content is suitable for children
Seems like a propaganda-type site, videos feature nudity and violence. Ads and pop ups everywhere... I do not trust this website at all.
Nothing special, just a basically harmless website of somewhat sensational political news/comments. No link whatsoever to communism (!?) or any other extremist group. Can be accessed securely, there's no danger for anyone, including children. Certainly not worse than Fox ;)
enverhoxhaSun Jan 18 1970
Pe mine ma distreaza, nu te plictisesti. E cam ca Romania libera, dar nu-i iubeste pe Iohanis si Kovesi.
Fake News, propaganda site.

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