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unknownuserThu Jan 15 1970
This site was unable to very correct information given it by me.It told me to ring the bank concerned.Doesnot seem very trustworthy to me if it cant check accurate information with the bank concerned.
boltonianroseThu Jan 15 1970
There seems to be some confusion as to if this is a phishing site or not. I first ran into the site whilst shopping online and asked to 'verify my visa' which I declined and just clicked no, however on a couple of sites lately I didn't have a choice, I could not verify transaction without signing up for verify my visa! The prefix is: https:// and the certificate is ok, pushing the security worries aside I asked and it's ok / legitimate! Thankfully! If you get it and are worried ring your bank to make sure BUT all banks here in the UK now have this verify visa thing via online shopping. Also searched it on Google: " " search that and see that it is offered on all uk banks / building societies. Although I must stress that if your in any doubt about this - contact your bank via phone. Just edited to add that that there is a thorough FAQ about it on the secure site explaining all.
I believe this was part of the "Verified by Visa" set up in 2009 until about 2014. however, following some glitches, this site does not seem to be reachable any more.

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