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Protect your PC from spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, dialers and malware in one click. Free download of antispyware scanner and monitor.

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It's VERY EASY to prove that this is a fraudulent website: fill in the request form for help on their site, with any kind of nonsense problem. In less than a minute you will get a respond that they have looked into the problem and that you have dangerous malware on your computer. And the solution is, of course to buy their product immediately.... Beware, if you try this, use a temporary e-mail address, because they probably will send you a lot of spam too.....
relequestualThu Jan 15 1970
FAKE! filled in a forum for help. 5 mins response saying problem was obviously spyware (which it wasnt). Replied asking for further help, said the address was not monitored by humans. BIG FAT FAKE of a site!
this is site is a spam
brienza1975Thu Jan 15 1970
Do you work for them MediaPirate?
walker182413Thu Jan 15 1970
I've downloaded from the companies web-site and I can say that I found no threats on in.
oliverrossThu Jan 15 1970
I've downloaded security program from it and there were no problems with malware or some bad user experience. Nothing bad.
I saw no pop ups there, checked some of their software on and it found nothing.
bradhayashiThu Jan 15 1970
I am now questioning the validity and accuracy of WOT. Why there are so many negative ratings? I purchased two items from this vendor with no problems. The software works great. I've had no security issues. I have had no pop ups. I've had no phishing emails from them. Their software scans virus/trojan free. What's everyone's problem with this site?
SecurityStrongholdFri Jan 16 1970
Our practice has changed dramatically. I can guarantee that all our products are free from false positives and agressive advertising and provide quality antispyware and antitrojan protection to our customers. We have been excluded from "Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products List" mentioned by one of reviewers. Here you can see the proof: We have also changed our Refund Policy to more moderate one. We will give immediate refund if the customer is dissatisfied with our product. We are looking forward long and procutive collaboration with WOT community and our respected customers.
MediaPirateThu Jan 15 1970
NOT A SCAM OR ANY PHISHING. These people are idiots. TrueSword is a great spyware/adware/trojan search and destroy tool. It puts Windows Defender to shame.

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