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many opportunities throughout the site
FirePantherFri Jan 16 1970
Diese Seite gehört zu den meistbesuchtesten Seiten der Welt. Hotlinks to thousands of sites worldwide to get a high Google rating. I know because they hot-linked images from my own restaurant site. I emailed the owner a number of times saying no problem just to copy the picture but not to hotlink. Never replied - so I just put a total block on hot linking. What's particularly galling is the site is absolutely useless for real information. Additionally, NEVER gives credit for the pictures/photos it rips off from other sites. The link at the top once had photos from my own restaurant and the title is EASY MEXICAN DISHES. This is a good example how bad this site is. All it contains is photos ripped from all over the net. NOT EVEN ONE RECIPE. It looks like a school assignment for a five year old whose assignment was to find pics from the web and paste (hotlink) and put it on one page.

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