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This site may be useful, but it does two conflicting things. It clutters search results with supposedly automatically generated SEO profiles, but if you want to view one of them , a popup is placed in front of it which offers a free trial. If it's selling these results, why waste the resources to generate them before they are requested? This does not make much sense.
Incorrect information - along with annoying popups.
winnigornyFri Jan 16 1970
I cannot understand the comments really. @ Myxt: If you make a klick to any place at the site, the popups will disapear and you may have a look at the requested ressources
MeJusttobesafeSat Jan 17 1970
It is a spam site, produces spambots, no one should use the program they offer, especially if they do not know hat they are doing, it will place the url to your site all over every where, next thing you know, you also are listed as a spammer,and getting blocked. Violation count: 1 INSTA-BANNED Why blocked: SEO detection (UA-0175.0). SEO detection (UA-0175.1). SEO detection (UA-0177). Scraper and/or Harvester UA (SPD-0129). Scraper and/or Harvester UA (SPD-0130). Heavy hit. INSTA-BA$ Query: User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; spbot/4.0.4; + ) The above is from when it tried to get into one of my sites, to post it's spam links.
Johannes S.Fri Jan 16 1970
Some commenters below mention a popup. This can be removed by clicking anywhere on the page. The information on the SEOprofiler pages is correct and it can easily be verified.

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