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Free P2P file sharing software! Shareaza is the best Peer-to-Peer music downloading program. Share your mp3 files and enjoy the free music downloads.

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This domain is currently NOT at the hands of the Shareaza project. It has been hijacked! Any downloads currently available here should be treated with extreme prejudice. More information from TorrentFreaks article about the current situation:
unregistered90Thu Jan 15 1970
the URL is taken over by MusicLab, the same company which bought bearshare. Its not the real Shareaza, but it uses the same pictures to make you belive so.You must register if you install this programm.
This is not real shareaza, this iMesh clone client! Beware!
This USED to be the official Shareaza site but was taken over by hijackers. The real official site is now at
Site-raterThu Jan 15 1970
I selected the hateful, violent, or illegal content category since it contains illegal, trademark infringing, malware.
Nuclear CommanderThu Jan 15 1970
Labelled as fraudulent, since the website and its owners impersonate an other software product and producing entity. Do NOT use their website and/or products, as it is a significant threat to your PC health and data privacy!
WARNING! In December 2007 this domain was appropriated by an organisation that has misappropriated the Shareaza name and brand to sell a payware program. The real Shareaza program can be found at:
Only get the real one from
isaac.hacksimovThu Jan 15 1970
This is not the Official Shareaza website, it used to be untli the domain was stolen by Copyright Companies. Be aware!
Genuine site is located at

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