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DarkwarrioRThu Jan 15 1970
warning: This site appears like a simple community site everyone may think that its like myspace, netlog or facebook. But after you register on it (you must provide reefer too) you get an email with pps presentation how to invest in this pyramid shit and that's another pyramid money scam
Sehr negativ ist der sog. "Binäre" Vergütungsplan. Bei diesem Plantyp MUSS man am Anfang dabei sein, um wirklich zu Fraglich, ob es am deutschen Markt ankommt. Viel Versprechung - wenig wirklich konkretes. verdienen. Später hinzukommende haben nur geringere Chancen.
nice social site with earning source. Just creat a account and spread it like me signeup now : formore details call me @ +8801670038737 or mail me
KnezPedja024Fri Jan 16 1970
Good site, still in progress of building, but with great purpose. Having group buying system on social community, along Forex platform, online shopping, possibility to turn own idea to business, to build additional income is really great. I don`t know why whiners whine about, FB is there for years, Groupon works fine, Forex is the biggest money market in the World, online shopping is everyday thing in civilized World so... SiteTalk/OPN just bring that all on one site, what is the problem with that?! Get out of your caves people... do you ask basketball player about basketball, or your granny? Same thing with business.
Abzocke! NICHT zahlen! Der einzige, der dabei Gewinn macht, ist der Seitenbetreiber!! Sie verlieren Ihr Geld.. Geben Sie keine persönlichen Daten ein!! Racket!! DON´T pay! The only one who will make profit will be the site owner!! You will lose your money.. Do not enter any personal data
tracytraceFri Jan 16 1970
Unaico/Enigro hit front-page of Norwegian financial newspaper “Dagens Næringsliv” 12th June, with a six-page article titled: “Norwegian Man behind Giant Pyramid Scheme.” The article reveals that the two Norwegian Enigro owners are notorious pyramid-/Ponzi-scam pushers: -Jarle Thorsen was convicted of fraudulent accounting and a recruiter for failed pyramid/Ponzi scams WWA, WGI, Giicorp and Plexpay - Rune Evensen was a recruiter for pyramid/Ponzi scams Plexpay, Giicorp, Alston Price and T5PC
Security_AnalystFri Jan 16 1970
Nice Social Networking WebSite
Spam von dieser Seite erhalten
The only website where you can spent time, and you get something for it. How much does it cost me?.00 EU. How and how much can I lose,on my pay 0.00 EU?
Great web site .. where you can spend you time online... you can also buy local deals with discount or play games with your friends for fre or for credits which are internal currency in sitetalk. if you invite your friends and the spend some money on social network you get 5% in SiteTalk credits on your profile =) the best =D i recommand everyone because it's for FREE.

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