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Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.

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New service from Tiny Speck (creators of the now shutdown MMO Glitch) which is co-founded by the creators of Flickr.
KnightHarbingerSat Jan 17 1970
A pretty excellent team web colaboration tool. Free version is likely to satisfy most groups/teams needs.
bahusugaclSat Jan 17 1970
Excellent site for working with team. I would highly recommend them, and they seem to have good character and care about their customers. Would highly recommend and definitely trustworthy.
massimiliano.arceriSat Jan 17 1970
Good team web chat and tools. Useful and easy to use
Better than skype in a lot of ways. Great company, great site
Muhammad BartholomewSun Jan 18 1970
My entire team uses Slack instead of most emailing now. Great productivity tool to take advantage of.
Anthony_ArteagaSun Jan 18 1970
Slack is fantastic, definitely a good alternative to emails or IM's if anyone remembers those.
Team work is fast and effective with Slack. Great app!
Tod McCoolSun Jan 18 1970
Very nice for business! I'll start using it 1 year ago. Only good emotions!
94$8PK94kR2Sun Jan 18 1970
Censores freedom of speech.

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