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Basileus ISat Jan 17 1970
Offers a simple television package for $20 per month. As of January 2016, this site is trustworthy.
Besides technical issues, and the inability to stream over a web browser for my Chromecast, their website advertises Epix for $5.00 as an add-on, and customer service said it was $10.00. I think that is a misrepresentation of services.  They include infomercials as part of their programing. Questionable claims of number of real broadcasting stations and programs.
wolfcry044Sun Jan 18 1970
Service is still new so they have some things to iron out yet, like how clunky the interface is. Also, when I tried it out for a few months I noticed they weren't offering ALL shows from all stations. Some were missing, even from the Cinemax package I was paying for. Another thing is child safety. I was watching a show and turned my back for a while and came back and my show had ended and it began playing a porn channel. Something to keep an eye out for if you have children. If they can perfect the interface and make sure they are not leaving shows out that are airing on the stations they offer, I will go back to paying for their service. Until then, I just didn't find myself watching it enough to be worth the money I was paying. I really want to go back to it, so please please please, work on those things! Thank you.
Sheila KessemSun Jan 18 1970
good website with lots of interesting content

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