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Maya_LysanderThu Jan 15 1970
Some rather risque humour, but nothing openly bad. Discretion advised.
Really funny webcomic with some strange sort of humor.
As regards the content, it's not child friendly, but it's certainly not porn or anything like that. I'd say a strong PG-13 rating. if you let your kids watch Austin Powers, they can see this (and learn stuff about science and philosophy, too!)
Funny, though not good for children
This is quite possibly the best intellectual webcomic ever. Howerver, the author is not shy about making jokes that a parent would be horrified to find their child reading.
very, very child-unfriendly, if your 6 year old reads these, prepare for some awkward questions
Comic is funny almost ever day, something that really can't be said about anything else "comedy" these days. NOT FOR KIDS. Humor gets dark and/or adult very often.
Fantastic, I lold. NSFW though, but you should be doing more important things at work then reading SMBC
Great comic, but some may be a bit NSFW or for kids.
Funny. Worth your time. Just not for kids. PG-13, maybe

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