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vahidrojrojFri Jan 16 1970
آخرین ورژن نرم افزارها همیشه در دسترسه خیلی سایت خوبیه
p3rinceTestFri Jan 16 1970
one of the best download sites in my country
بینظیر ترین سایت دانلود فارسی Wonderful for software Download
one of the best sites for downloading latest versions of softwares and also have an awesome forum to ask your questions
amirpalang957Fri Jan 16 1970
واقعا سايت خوبي خيلي خيلي بروز همه ي برنامه هاش بروز.
this site is bad!!!
bad website. i found many cracked softwares here!
Hello I am your security products (ESET Smart Security) use. Me and some friends (they use antivirus ESET Smart Security) of the site: We had visited and how many files I downloaded. ESET Smart Security Alarm when entering the site and download any of it did not. We know the site is secure. Unfortunately, after downloading the software, after you remove the files from compressed mode, my system was infected with the virus. ESET Smart Security also quickly began to alarm is indicating a virus. this site With compression software and the virus in intensive encrypted files to scan not to ESET Smart Security. And this also led to ESET Smart Security is able to block this site. This site was not blocked by ESET Smart Security. And I have no knowledge of viral files I downloaded from this site. My system is infected with a virus. Now I'm asking you to immediately block the site, so other users do not enter this site. And their system is infected with the virus. This site only allows users to easily download the IP Iran. Zip password is: download this link via ip iran , and use pass : for extract all rar file , and scan via eset . all file this site virus. Many antivirus can not block this site. ESET Smart Security can not block this site. with respect
Site-raterSat Jan 17 1970
Warez site flagged by hpHosts for malware (which overrides it warez categorization).
ali.scorpion@gmail.comSat Jan 17 1970
بهترین سایت برای دانلود نرم افزار. پرسرعت و عالی

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