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Descarga software gratis, de forma segura y 100% libre de virus desde Softonic. Descubre software para Windows, Mac, Apps, Móviles, WebApps y mucho más.. El sitio web creado para ayudarte a disfrutar del mejor software.

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touchgraphicThu Jan 15 1970
Hay varios enlaces para descargar LIVE MESSENGER o ARES que bajan varios COCTELES DE VIRUS Malware y Troyanos... ( y al parecer Softonic no tiene supervision alguna al respecto )
Internet SecurityThu Jan 15 1970
Warning, some downloads include adware (such spyware toolbar or hidden) on occasions some malicious programs such as rogue websites software, and advertising links to malicious websites, besides tracking cookies. Use caution when entering this website!
traveler818Thu Jan 15 1970
I don't know how this toolbar got on my page, I suspect it came with McAfee. Softonic has made itself my home page. I cannot get rid of either it, or McAfee Site Advisor. Neither appears in my control panel. Despite being the owner and system administrator, McaFee installed itself as the new owner of my computer. What a scam. Avoid McAfee, and hopefully you can avoid Softonic. And why is almost all of this in Spanish: which is where the green ratings seem to come from? Something's majorly rotten here. Tried to log in to Delicious. Get bounced to my Yahoo login page every time. No way to get in to disagree with the stellar rating that this site doesn't EVEN deserve.
MalwareBotFri Jan 16 1970
Bundle PUPs/Adwares : Repack des programmes gratuits sans l'accord de son auteur pour y ajouter des logiciels sponsoriés et se faire de l'argent. En outre, des adwares comme Tuto4PC.
traveler818Thu Jan 15 1970
I never saw this program until it took over my computer. It became my browser and home page. It destroyed my antivirus program, blocked access to all antimalware sites including WOT. Is still in registry. How to get it out? Constant crashes. Added 3-4 users to system with full privileges: as admin & sole user, I could not access my own files. Downgraded me from Vista to XP. I partly fixed it, but Windows Live one care still thinks this is XP, and Firefox won't download browser version 8. Never seen so much damage. No idea how it got on my computer. Why are all these in other languages?
No descargues desde aqui, algunos llevan virus, mejor revisa comentarios, la experiencia de los usuarios es mas valiosa Comprar desde sms solo te quita dinero, se inteligente
sus descargas tienen adware y spyware
marcsancesThu Jan 15 1970
Es una pàgina de descarga. Sin embargo la publicidad es demasiado intrusiva e insegura.
si no pagas te meten virus troyanos
aqui pille el malware defence, asi que ojito....

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