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best site for downloads. only site that tells you what youre getting into before you download the product. for example: windows live messenger is rated as adware on softpedia because of the advertisements displayed while running. doesnt tell you about the ads even though the windows live messenger is the same version at both places.
Greater base of programs for Windows, Mac OS, Linux; News, articles, patches, demo games, etc.
mysterywordThu Jan 15 1970
If you haven't looked at the SiteAdvisor page for this website, there is a comment from the owner of the site. He says that they check their downloads for spyware and adware and viruses, the works. And they say that they have blocked off the bad ads and stuff on their website, yet they still have their website infested with this crap, so when are they going to fix it? Almost all of the downloads on this site are considered unsafe. There are some that have nothing wrong with them but basically the whole website is infested with viruses and adware and trojans. So I wouldn't bother downloading anything from this site. I'd rather go to where they have less downloads with spyware.
Contains known rogue software from
Wolverine890Thu Jan 15 1970
Lowlife deceitful bottomfeeders. You won't find a driver here. Don't go near them. The green dots work for the company.
A large data base with very useful softwares. Absolutely great.
Good for downloading files.
clipboard33Fri Jan 16 1970
The Good: Lots of FREE and free-trial software to download. The site is clean and easy to navigate, and safe. They are very good about warning concerning advertising that comes with certain software. They don't hammer you with adverts the way cnet does. The Ugly: Information is not always up-to-date, so check the vendor's website to make sure you get the latest version.
philatanus7Thu Jan 15 1970
i got adware on one of my downloads... start-up mechanic....

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