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fake "reviews" directing to known rogue software: * RegZooka - * RegClean - * Registry Bot - * Registry Easy - * RegCure - * ReImage - Site design is a mess, review pages not listed on the "home" page "home page" reviews that fail to lead to the site being "reviewed" LOL and the English is poor...
thegrimfatherFri Jan 16 1970
Rogue software promoter
Rogue Software Badware
Shane GowlandFri Jan 16 1970
Pushing malware and giving fake, misleading reviews against legitimate software.
Their one and only goal is to spy you out. They unlock all your data und eventually wreck your computer. What they pretent to fight is what they actually do. So in the end you pay for a service spying you out.
kipmarzeckFri Jan 16 1970
I just read their fake "review" on registry cleaners again and can say from my own unfortunate experience that two of the six rogue software products listed by g7w, namely "RegClean" and "RegCure," were so bad that I just let my RegCure subscription expire (and maybe asked for my money back, I can't remember for sure)and definitely demanded my money back on RegClean. Customer service for the entity which processes payments for that manufacturer (might be ClickBank) told me they don't handle malware, which is a lie, but they reluctantly gave me my money back. Threatening to file complaints with the FTC sometimes works wonders (as does actually doing so), even for foreign sites which do business in the U.S. RegCure performed poorly on my machine, definitely not as advertised, and found many false positives, so I'd call it scareware. RegClean actually messed up my computer, which required a lot of work to clean up, so I'd definitely call it malware. I didn't find true reviews of these products until later: Spybot Search & Destroy had a very damning warning about rogue versions of RegClean not from Microsoft, especially one in particular, but there appear to be more than one according to my searches. The old Microsoft version unfortunately is no longer supported but does work reasonably well. That is the version I had found good reviews on and was confused by an identically-named software product. I installed a few other Paretologic programs, some of which seemed to work halfway well (but there are better free or paid programs to perform most functions) , but I removed them from scheduled tasks (they wouldn't run anyway) and let my subscriptions lapse due to apprehensions about them. I uninstalled RegCure and RegClean long ago, but I haven't finished uninstalling other suspicious software that appears to be malware, scareware or full of bugs. As I recall, some parts of the site (a top-appearing ad in Google search) or those of their "partners" were messy, but others looked halfway decent. The English on some pages was definitely poor, and I believe I traced some of their partner or payment-processing sites to East Asia (frequently China), which may explain the foreign-sounding English. However, I've found poor English in some other Asian-, European- and even American-based sites, some legitimate, so poor English – sometimes mixed in parts with good English – is not always a guarantee of malware. I'd LOL about the fake reviews, but because some people, including me, have or are still being sucked in (I'm much more careful now, but nothing is 100% foolproof), it isn't funny (humorous) to me – even in a sarcastic way. STAY AWAY FROM; it's bad news!
Piggelty pippFri Jan 16 1970
Phishing or other scams
Contains fake reviews promoting Rogue scareware.
andreea.c25Fri Jan 16 1970 is very useful and i found here some great reviews!
fake reviews for diverse crapware

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