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Solvusoft is a Microsoft Gold Certified software company that has produced software such as FileviewPro, SupersonicPC, Winsweeper, PassBank and WebTV.

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Found this site when searching for details relating to a BSoD with a specific driver. Their page describing it ( just has a bunch of boilerplate text with a link to their "registry repair" software. Typical site trying to capitalize off people trying to search for driver/executable names online.
The site claims to offer driver updates for specific devices. But all the links lead to the same program. Lenovo Update Tool is identical with Canon BJ-30 Update Tool. This looks like malware. Comments show mostly no trust, but the site rating is excellent - strange.
Misleading link offered to scan my system and downloaded a registry cleaner program with malware/adware attached. Luckily I opened the program in a VMware installation. I was able to see its nefarious attempts and stop it in its tracks.
Кто это хвалит? Сайт полное гомно.
Daniel.ReaperSat Jan 17 1970
Claims to have driver updates, installs their Driver Doctor progam which then scans and claims you need to update several drivers. However when you attempt o update one or more, it forces you to have to Purchase the Program. BS, misleading, installs an unwanted and useless program to get you to buy it. You can get all the drivers FREE elsewhere, it is a waste of time and you money, DON'T FALL for it.
banditquestSat Jan 17 1970
Looked at site for VIA-260 drivers - scanned the "driver" file - See file name tab which has this same file as aliases for many "driver" fixes. I think it may have extras stuff you don't want or need. Deleted without installing.
Because of the way the file was named, I thought I was downloading a device driver for my midiman device. Instead I downloaded and installed Solvusoft's driver tool. I call this false advertising
rainshadow1004Sat Jan 17 1970
The "FileViewer Pro" is nothing else than a simple viewer for known files and hex viewer for unknown files. If you search for any file ending via Google you automatically get to this homepage: where you don't get any further information about your ending if it's not totally common.
RispervisperSat Jan 17 1970
Google trap for every file extension in every language
This site is highly rated on Google, but the advice on any subject is incomplete, and generally pathetic. It is obvious that they only want you to buy software.

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