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Пока отмечаю, как сомнительный. Сайт новый. Creation Date: 2017-08-24 Регистрация анонимная. Усилено спамится. Причина - бонус $10 До старта успеют много любителей халявы набрать. А будет ли старт и будут ли выплаты? Из опыта - 99%, что ИХ НЕ БУДЕТ. Но пока идет уже продажа "токенов"! Подробнее еще разберем.
FrancewhoaSun Jan 18 1970
This is my review of Sphere Social. Which is at Summary: Token. Weak ethic. NOT decentralized. The good: • Token can be exchange for services within Sphere Social (SS). In the unlikely event that it’s successful. I do not trust and will not invest in SS though. The bad: • Sphere Social (SS) is NOT really fully decentralized. They try to fool you into believing that they are decentralized. To do so they use the popular word “decentralized” all over their whitepaper. In fact SS is mostly CENTRALIZED. They claim that they are decentralized because they offer reward tokens. Which they call Social Activity Tokens (SAT). Tokens are not to confuse with a full decentralized Social Network. Sorry but those are two different things. Read on for other red flags. In other words, SS are misleading and deceiving you. This shows they have a weak ethic. When most users figure this out the value of their token will crash and users will leave. To the benefit of really decentralized Social Network. Such as or • NOT distributed. And NOT federated. Read more about the definition of distributed and federated networks at: • Sphere tried to mislead you and deceive you into beleiving that blockchain and distributed storage are the same thing. Extract from Sphere whitepaper v1.7.4 on page 19: “a decentralized social media platform that stores multimedia and other data on a secured blockchain rather than on traditional servers.” Source at Their claim is unethical because by definition a “blockchain” is a cryptographically secured ledger that can be permissionless and decentralized. A blockchain is NOT to confuse with a distributed storage of social multimedia and other data. In Sphere's claim above, notice that they tried to mislead you and deceive you into believing that "blockchain" and "distributed storage" are the same thing. They are not. The above is one of the many unethical claims in the Sphere whitepaper. Did you spot the other unethical claims? An ethical claim would be: “Sphere stores multimedia and other data on a secured decentralized storage rather than on traditional secured centralized storage. And store its SAT tokens in on a secured blockchain.” Assuming that those are their real intentions. Maybe the Sphere founders are not familiar with the most widely recognized definition of blockchain? For investors, buyers, and users interested to not getting scam by unethical abuse of words such as “blockchain”, “decentralized”, “cryptocurrency”, “token”, a good start is to educate yourself. For example Corbett Report did an informative video about the nuances in the jargon. Very good to watch. They are good and bad crypto currencies. Educate yourself to not get scam by the bad ones. Video at • Potentially NOT secure. Because the code is not available publicly. So it can not be review by the public. In other words, there is a risk of abuse. The software code is NOT open source. So weak security. And high risk of abuse by people with immature behaviors. Compare to or code which are open source and can be review by all. I wrote my review as a volunteer. Which was not paid by Minds, Diaspora, or anyone. Read more at
Не первый и не последний сайт с токенами,основная задача которых-продать побольше воздуха влошенцам.Подробнее

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