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DO NOT USE THIS SITE! Unless you goal is to totally disrupt all of your friends lives! What this site does is ASK for the password to your Gmail, Yahoo, etc. mail account. If you are dumb enough to do that (I was - ONCE) it will then LOG ON TO YOUR email account and copy ALL of your addressbook names, add them to THEIR SPAM list and send them ALL invites!! It will tell you a few things about your friends memberships in FaceBook, MySpace, etc. but that hardly compares with or justifies such a horrendous invation of privacy or breach of faith between you and your friends. Would you publish a friends name and number of national TV or media? This is the same mthing only worse!! BE WARNED!! NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE GIVE OUT PASSWORDS!. My one brief moment of poor judgement had me changing several dozen email account names and passwords and apologizing to friends for a MONTH Oor more!
This is a huge scam. It asks you for an e-mail AND password. That should be a warning that the site is no good, but there are many clueless people out there. It's a huge invasion of privacy. DO NOT use this site.
This a big scam, try entering a random email adress, it will still say it's a valid email address and it says a bunch of lies so you would pay for their service.
Invades on privacy
glenhigmanThu Jan 15 1970
Now if only Google could search through all the sites with the efficiency this site has then we would be set. But then again, all the sites it returns are sites that have told search engines to NOT FOLLOW links and profiles. If you enter an e-mail address this site can't find it will populate the form with your very own IP Address and city information instead of your desired results. Most people miss this, but I noticed it was my own IP Address that it returned and not that of the e-mail I searched for. If you want more information they require to PAY by CREDIT CARD for their services. NOT WORTH having your IDENTITY stolen over knowing what someone is up to.
evilfantasyThu Jan 15 1970
I don't know if it's a scam or not but as far as privacy and safety this is a huge concern.
DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970
Wants your email address AND PASSWORD
It would seem to me that this would be a bit invasive. Although this has good, legit uses it would seem to be intrusive and malicious. Minor detailed information and embarrassing secrets should remain private. Not open to snoopy people or those with deep pockets.
The site is a complete scam. You can find other information by doing a google lookup or deep web searching at I tested the site out and the LOCATION was ALWAYS wrong. It always said it was local although the people I searched were Chinese. Also, it got my location wrong by 5 citys away. nathant clearly works for the site and you should not trust his post.
Gadgetboy123Thu Jan 15 1970
From what I can tell. This site illegally collects information.

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