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VeryPrivateFri Jan 16 1970
Link: misleading - XP Home Security 2012 is malware, not a virus as this site states.
randallsavageFri Jan 16 1970
SpywareHelpCenter is a legitimate site and does not offer malware or anything bad. It is highly recommended and very helpful.
Stephanie111Fri Jan 16 1970
The website sold me a package for $250.00 that when they finally called to fix my computer, I already had it fixed and would not refund my $250.00 after I received 5 hours later to fix my computer. I told them I already fixed my computer and that was a 54 second call , in which I requested a refund and the person hung up on me. I called the phone number back and was told that I could not get my $250.00 back because a technician had assisted me, which he did not. I would not recommend this site for business ethics
safetydudeFri Jan 16 1970
I found this site very helpful for removing a virus from my computer recently. It saved me hundreds of dollar by not having to take it to some geek computer repair store. I found it to have sound information that was easy for me to understand. My opinion= Great site
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
Safe website.
shellyspaffordFri Jan 16 1970
Good and safe site. virus!

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